Total Gym XLS

Total Gym XLS

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Total Gym XLS Trainer is a training model, which can be used through anybody. It’s essentially a home gymnasium and it is quite effective in losing these unwanted calories so helping in building strength. It can be effective at offering a complete work out for the significant muscles in the body. The XLS, works on both the lower and upper muscle groups of the entire body.


This Gym Trainer also gives cardiovascular system gains. The kit basically consists of a glide board, that can be inclined from different angles, in order to give the desired resistance while exercising. It just takes, 10-20 min’s each day to get ones workout goals.


Work out with no Weights: The basic rule of the XLS is the use of gravity. There are no weights applied while in workout. The weight of the body is used to provide the required ability to resist be sure a total training. As your strength will increase and also by changing the slope of the glide board, you will be able escalate the level of your training.


Exercise Everywhere:The Total Gym XLS Trainer has only the glide board as the actual primary gear for exercising. This means it is possible to work out at any place possibly at every time. There are no heavy weights to handle. This may cause the XLS a good solution for everyone on the move.


Total Gym XLS

Functions and Specifications:


Total Gym XLS 2


*It has a head-board for much better neck and head help.

*Equipment includes only a glide board.

*Squat stands for various leg exercises.

*Workouts are more at ease the padded board and flexible nylon strap handles.

*The cable and pulley system has been made more durable.

*The weight of the board is 83 lbs but it really can hold a user weight of 400 lbs.

*The glide board is manufactured in a way that it utilizes natural force of gravity to impart the required resistance.

*It can also include a kit dedicated to Pilates and has a DVD guide.

*There is usually a life time warranty for the frame and a 6 month warrantee for its parts.

*There are programs which include the XLS Trainer to allow anyone to utilize the Trainer to its highest possible.

*A exercise for males for 1 week and that takes 8 min’s.

*There can also be a exercise for females for Seven days.

*In case you haven’t exercised before, the XLS has a program, to assist you start off your health and fitness programs.

*There are workouts to assist create balance of the core muscle groups as well as develop strength.

*For people, programs can be found that can help in strengthening and sculpting their own upper body.

*For those nice looking six-pack abs, suitable plans are in the Total Gym XLS Trainer.

*As a whole, the Total Gym XLS Trainer is actually a wonderful products to get. The reason being you’re using natural forces for a work out. Pressure used throughout the program is weight of ones body. As being the training session is gravity based, it can be suitable for people with various entire body weights. The Trainer is also simple to assemble and a exercise program is possible everywhere and at anytime of your liking. Most significantly, you handle the level of the exercise routines.


Total Gym XLS