Bowflex 552

Bowflex 552


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Bodyweight work outs


You’re your gym. There are so many exercises which you can perform in the comfort of your own home, using just you personal body, which will get a much better workout than while using machines at the fitness center. Strength and duration can be changed as you improvement so your body can be on the way of high fitness.

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Home Gym Machines


Occasionally you might like to have some extra selection within you workout routines, and that is where choice will get interesting. It would seem crazy just to duplicate health club workout you left out, as is highly-priced and occupies plenty of room. This means that treadmill machines, elliptical trainers and so on are certainly out. Kettlebells are the best, however a great option is adjustable dumbbells.


Bowflex 552

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Review


Bowflex designed a very good set of adjustable dumbells with introduction of the 552s. The selected weight ranges from a paltry 5 pounds entirely up to 52.5 pounds. It is really simple to turn the dial to select the expected weight, even middle of the set.


The stand-out feature personally is the dial. This really is so simple to use and it works good mid-set when you want to raise or reduce weight. You’ll find nothing worse that must lineup rows of dumbbells on the floor. You can either trip them over or can’t locate the proper ones quickly enough.


I have tried personally other adjustable dumbbells before, but I just cannot get the hang of the long pins.


Bowflex do offer a stand for the dumbbells, even though they may be a cool addition, I choose to hold then out of the way below my bed. What this means is you’ll recieve to save a bit of money on what exactly is still substantial purchase.


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Bowflex 552 really substitute 15 sets of dumbbells which when you observe the compact size of the product, is just outstanding. This is the comparison you should make when deciding in between tradition weights and also adjustable dumbbells. It might cost a lot much more if you went the original route.


Final result


The dumbbells seem amazingly awesome, are really easy to work, and also match nicely under the your bed when not being used. The size is a little various to ordinary dumbbells however before long that difference becomes unnoticeable. The Bowflex 552 usually are not cheap, are of awesome top quality. If you do intend to make purchase for some home gym equipment, they’d certainly be a fantastic addition.


Bowflex 552

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